Trauma is stored in the Body 

My ideal client is someone who has dealt with trauma or hardships and is ready to go beyond just talking about problems, and instead, dive deep within themselves to heal. In my 12 years of clinical practice, I have observed that true and lasting healing must involve the brain, body, and spiritual aspects in conjunction. As a Yoga Therapy Teacher in Training, I bring in somatic work, and also emphasize the importance of meditation and learning how to self regulate. In my office or virtually, I offer a safe space, an empathic heart, and a variety of brain-based, trauma-centered modalities that I have specialized in for the past 5 years.  EMDR and Brainspotting help process trauma from the mind and body to bring resolution and insight. 

EMDR and Dissociation

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) uses bilateral stimulation to remove the negative thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and images associated with traumatic events.  I am certified in EMDR and have seen amazing, life changing results.  If you have experienced anything traumatic, are suffering from flashbacks, nightmares, relationship problems, or struggling with low self worth, EMDR may be the best form of therapy and can go beyond the results gained from standard talk therapy.  I am also trained in Structural Dissociation Theory and different parts work modalities, as PTSD is a dissociative disorder.  We all have parts and sometimes they can make standard EMDR tricky when you are suffering from complex childhood trauma.  Combining these two modalities is crucial to create safety and readiness for EMDR processing. Check out and some of the videos below to learn more.

Adoption and Brainspotting

I am a certified adoption competent therapist through TAC /CASE.  Adoption can be a traumatic experience for not only the child, but the family as well.  It can lead to abandonment issues that overlap into adult relationships as well.  Brainspotting can help you process and resolve adoption related issues,  Brainspotting also helps resolve upsetting emotions of unknown or known origin and can heighten your connection with spirituality.  I am a certified Brainspotting therapist. Check out for more info.

Areas of Focus

Individual counseling for adults, with a focus on Trauma.

I use a person centered, strength-based approach to help individuals heal from adverse life experiences, improve self esteem, and function better in all areas of their lives. I use a trauma-informed lens to help people heal from past trauma, including complex childhood trauma, domestic violence/assaults, separation/divorce, grief/loss,  toxic relationships, etc. This healing process focuses on building a positive core belief, increasing resiliency and developing healthier coping strategies.

My Office

In July 2020 I moved my office from West Point to Mathews.  My new office is located in the Halcyon Building on 40 Court St, Mathews VA 23109.  the building has a beautiful blue mural on the outside featuring a Walt Whitman quote, crafted by local artists.